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Dr. Barbara Rolls, as seen in USA Today, The New York Times, O magazine, Marie Claire, Women's Day, Good Housekeeping, Child magazine, and moreÖ

From Dr. Barbara Rolls, Professor of Nutritional Sciences at Penn State and one of America's leading authorities on weight management, comes a much-anticipated lifestyle guide and cookbook that empowers and encourages her readers to quit "dieting" for good, to feel full on fewer calories, and to lose weight and keep it off while eating satisfying portions of delicious, nutritious foods.

THE VOLUMETRICS EATING PLAN (HarperCollins; $25.95; March 2005) doesn't eliminate food groups or overload readers with rules. It's a common sense approach to eating based on Dr. Rolls' hugely popular Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan and her respected research on satiety that shows how to choose foods that control hunger while losing weight. Along with menu planners, charts and sidebars on healthy food choices, and 44 color photographs, the 125 recipes translate the latest research on weight management -more- into practical advice.

With this important new guide to healthy eating and living, readers can enjoy tasty, satisfying meals that will help them maintain their weight or lose those extra pounds while learning the pleasures of cooking the Volumetrics way. EXAMPLE: For the same amount of calories you could have one small buttermilk pancake with a small amount of butter and syrup, or you can have two whole-wheat pancakes smothered with fruit compote (see page 62 for an illustration). You could have 23 small M&Ms; or over two cups of strawberries.


  • Focuses on what you can eat, not on what you must give up.
  • Is based on sound nutritional advice widely accepted by health professionals.
  • Emphasizes that the only proven way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than your body uses as fuel for your activities.
  • Stresses that when you are managing calories it is more important than ever to eat a good balance of foods and nutrients.
  • Teaches you to make food choices that will help control hunger and enhance satiety.
  • Reinforces eating and activity patterns that you can sustain for a lifetime of achieving your own healthy weight.
  • Calorie-saving ideas from THE VOLUMETRICS EATING PLAN:

  • Instead of 1 medium bagel (195 cal), save 133 calories and have a slice of whole-wheat toast (62 cal).
  • Instead of premium ice-cream (270 cal/half cup) save 190 calories and have fat-free frozen yogurt (80 cal/ half cup).
  • Instead of whole milk (150 cal/8 oz.) save 64 calories and have nonfat milk (86 cal/ 8 oz.).

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